2017-05-14 My Filmback had a Light Leak!

Light Leak in the Corner!

Last week I used my Mamiya RB67 as usual, but this time I noticed something that I had noticed before and ignored… I was clearly having a light leak in the lover left corner of my pictures (see title image).

After some searching on the internet I found the probable cause: A Light Leak of the dark slide opening (I found help on Flickr!). You can see in the gallery, how cou can open the film back and clean all the parts. Since I did not have a replacement for the light seal available, I just straightened it out, hoping that this will fix the problem. I am optimistic after all!

Don’t forget to use this opportinity to also clean all the parts. There was ancient paper stuck under that cover and a lot (!) of dust and dirt. This dirt could get on your negatives and cause spots so be sure to use some mild detergent (I used lighter fluid) to clean it off.

I hope this helps somebody… Enjoy shooting!