2017-02-26 Planet Alsen

Graffiti In Circular Room

Usually, lost place photographers don’t talk publicly about where they find their locations to keep them as untouched as possible. On the other hand, Planet Alsen is already very well-known and not that lost any more. It is said that this is a great place for drone flying – and I see why!

The huge chimney, the broken ceilings, all invites your drone for a fly-over. Me any a few friends had no drone though, so I just packed my Mamiya RB67 and a Voigtländer Avus, loaded some ISO 100 film and went off to capture the general vibe of the place.

I came back with 11 Images (10 from the roll of Ilford FP4 and 1 from the large format camera) and I must say that I like most of them! I take a little pride in the fact that out of 11 exposures, none is really unusable. And that although some exposure times were educated guesses since the light meters were basically saying “zero light”.

All in all I would say, that this place is definitely worth a visit. It is all covered in nice graffiti that would justify a color film as well. The area is also very accessible from Itzehoe or Hamburg as it is directly connected to the autobahn and you don’t have to jump fences to captures this.

Enjoy shooting!