2017-02-22 Late in the Days

Roof of Hamburger Meile

Another week of photgraphy ended: I decided to load a faster Film this time (Ilford Ddelta 400) and take the camera with me during the week.

Well, the weather was overcast almost every day so I couldn’t shoot handheld most of the time albeit having ISO 400 at my disposal. You need to remember, that medium format isn’t the place for f1.8 apertures. In fact, below f8 there is still a rather thin depth of field! It’s basically like f4 on full frame.

The “Port Bridge” picture is one of my favourites in the architecture-section. It just looks like it goes forever in a curved line! Next comes “Local Business” – that smiley creates a contrast to the dead business inside that abandoned shop… And that rooftop looked amazing. We had to climb up some stairs, that you usually walk past by, to find out that there was a big photogenic carpark on the roof!

About the development: This time I was much happier with how the negatives came out. Last time, I was shooting on Ilford Delta 100 and used an 11 minute development, which turned out far too long. I got confused by some information online but next time I will go for much less than 11 minutes, probably around 8 minutes both on Delta 100 and Delta 400!

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