2017-03-29 One Evening and a Bit

The last couple of weeks were full of camera repairs for me, which is why I didn’t get out to shoot enough. Especially unfortunate was, that my beloved Yashica 12’s shutter became sticky again. I guess, I didn’t apply the oil correctly when I fixed it the first time, so the oil got onto the shutter blades and stuck them together.

Well – I finally fixed it! And immediately went out to shoot that little box :-).

You see that I had some fun with Hamburg’s Architecture – and a couple other subjects that came across my lens. Hope you like some of it and ask me anything you’d like to know in the box below! THe only thing that’s bugging my like crazy is the little branch of wood that is visible in the boat house shot. I THOUGHT I GOT THEM ALL OUTSIDE THE FRAME.(There were quite a lot of them and this one got away. Gnarf!)

The film was Ilford Delta 400 and I developed it for 10 minutes in FX-39 developer with a 1:14 dillution. I am quite happy with the results, but I’ll try Fuji Acros next for some super fine grain <3.