2017-02-13 Blankenese

Last Saturday, I went out to explore an area of Hamburg that I don’t normally visit that much – Blankenese. The main reason was that I wanted to prepare for a show that I would be hanging there somewhere around summer. The second reason was that I wanted to try my Yashica Mat 12 Camera that I had repaired recently.

Well, see for yourself! I think I did mess up the developing, which is why we have some vertical streaks on the images. But apart from that, they came out okay. I am not entirely happy with the sharpnes of the lens but I will have to do more testing. Maybe I didn’t align it properly.

Next time, I want to explore the inner parts of Blankenese instead of the beach and forrest areas as I think that the beach has been forographed often enough. However, that snow was so tempting! The next day it was gone already, so that was quite a special day. Hamburg doesn’t get a lot of snow this year…

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